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Summer Program Runs From July 5th to August 27th

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About Us

The name of Sackawa comes from “Sackville on the Water” and was chosen from club names submitted from school age kids in a competition.

2022 Year Round Program

Sackawa offers a Year-Round Competitive Training Program: Elite athletes train for hours each week on the water, in the gym and through a variety of cross-training activities to be in peak physical condition. Training groups bust it out early before school and after. Join a group of motivated teammates in pursuit of making the transition from Junior to National Team athlete to the World podium. Sackawa offers a unique blend of individual and team sport. Sackawa creates an environment that allows athlete’s to be individual on the water but apart of a big family off the water. Elite athletes have mandatory practices and regatta’s. Sackawa will work with athletes to assist in balancing mandatory practices/regatta’s and other competitive sports.

Year Round Programs Start in September

Year Round Program

Year Round Paddling Program
for participants born in 2012 and Up!

For registration related inquiries please contact:

For program related inquiries please contact:


Sackawa Events

Our Coaching Team

Chris MacPherson

Head Coach

Our Board of Directors

Sackawa is run by a board of volunteer members who meet regularly throughout the year.

Tyler laidlaw


Ian Feriancek

Vice Commodore

Angela Clark

Past Commodore

Rowan Gray

Athelete Rep

Wanda Holmes


Colleen MacNeil

Treasurer / Registrar

AJ Munro

Building and Grounds

Vicki Muscat


Patrick MacPherson

Equipment and Maintenance

Jennifer Miles

Human Resources

Michelle Donaldson


Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and we welcome you to assist us with our
special events, regattas, fundraising or working with us on the board.
Please let us know if you can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Early dropoff is between 7:30am and 9am.
Late pickup is between 4pm and 5:30pm.
There is no overnight storage of personal property allowed within the club. The change room will be emptied every day after program hours and items left behind disposed of. Please be sure to label all personal items brought to the club so there isn’t confusion as many people have the same stuff.

Lifejacket CSA approved (non-inflatable)
Water bottle / sunscreen / sunglasses
Change of weather appropriate clothing
Swimsuit / hat / towel
Running shoes
Snacks, lunch, or canteen money
We continue to follow NS COVID rules, and update our policies as the province dictates.

Our groups will be split into cohorts of 25 participants outdoors without distancing and those groups split into cohorts of 10 without distancing inside the building.
Only cohorts of 10 will be allowed in the building at any given time without distancing and masks.
Sign-in is mandatory for all participants in the supervised day program and week-long programs.
Attendance for regular members not in the supervised day program will be during on-water blocks.
Masks are not required while participating in the outdoor activities
Masks and social distancing are required when more than a cohort of 10 people (rainy days) are inside the building.
Non-participants are asked not to enter the canoe club grounds beyond the sun shelter on the east side of the building without the supervision of a staff member and sign in.
There will be no lost and found. All items left behind at the end of the day will be disposed of.
Due to Covid-19 there will be no lost and found.
All items left behind at the end of the day will be disposed of.