Incentive Programs

Sackawa Appreciates all our Volunteers:

Sackawa is always in need of volunteers and now we are giving back. Starting this year, 2018, the $100 fundraising fee collected at registration time can be earn back by volunteering at Sackawa. Sackawa Canoe Club is very grateful for the support we receive from our members and we would like to show our appreciation to all of you who donate your time and energy to help support the club.

So how do you participate in our new reward’s system and have your fundraising fee returned?: Point-System-Explanation-2018.pdf

To keep our club operating takes a lot of volunteer effort and a lot of fundraising effort. Mowing lawns, fixing boats, and general building maintenance are just a few areas that volunteers are always needed. Along with helping out around the club, supporting our fundraising events either by attending or helping is another way to volunteer. To have your fundraising fee ($100) returned to you, you simply need to participate in 10 “volunteer roles” and accumulate 10 pts.

Thank-you to these volunteers:

Event 0r Activity Date Volunteer
 Bingo 50/50 Every 2nd Sunday Rowan Gray, Caleb Gray, Aiden Macumber, Cameron Brown, Mike Fleet, Ocean Lushman
 Monte Carlo Donations April 14, 2018 Betty Kehoe, Angela Clark, Shane & Francis Feriancek, Heather Geldart, Sara Yule, Cyndi Lushman, Tanya & Brad Brown
 Monte Carlo Attendance April 14, 2018  Cyndi Lushman, Heather & Andy Geldart, Betty Kehoe, Angela Clark, Shane & Francis Feriancek, Tanya & Brad Brown
Monte Carlo Ticket Sales April 14, 2018 Tanya & Brad Brown, Betty Kehoe, Angela Clark
May Open House May 26, 2018 Emya Pouliot, Jordan & Amanda Saunders, Cameron & Brad Brown, Noah Avery-Gray
 WasherToss Work June 2, 2018
 WasherToss Attendance June 2, 2018
 Auction Donations  August 11, 2018  Denise McNeil (Haliburton House Stay)
Board Members Every Event Heather, Betty, Angela, Shane, Andrew, Crystal, Sara