Sackvegas Jackpot

Sackawa has kicked off the SackVegas Community Jackpot. This community weekly 50/50 is currently supporting the ongoing construction of our new home (Sackville Training Center, Home of Sackawa Canoe Club). In the future we expect to add other non-profit groups to the list of recipients. Please help us spread the word. Draws occur every Sunday between 5-7pm, with a cutoff for entries being 12noon Sunday.

You will find the SackVegas Slot Machines at these community locations:

Sobeys, First Lake

Pizzatown, Cobequid Road

Tom’s Family Restaurant, Sackville Drive

We drew the registered number 1648 tonight, this number was not played, therefore we have no winner and our Jackpot of $203 will roll-over to next week. Get your toonies in one of our SackVegas Slot Machines before noon next Sunday, March 15th.

Older Posts:

  • We have another roll-over. The owner of the registered number 1350 did not play their number this week. Our Jackpot of $122 will be added to next week’s Jackpot.
  • (Feb 23, 2020) The owner of 1629 did not play his number this week, so lost out on the $64 Jackpot. This amount will be added to next week’s jackpot. Get your Toonie in one of our slot machine boxes this week!
  • (Feb 16, 2020) After 9 registered numbers drawn from our pot, we found a player who played their Toonie this week in our guaranteed draw. Congratulations to Frances Grant who owns the registered number 1001. She won our $325 Jackpot this week.
  • (Feb 9, 2020) We drew the registered number 1071 tonight, but no winner and our Jackpot of $249 rolls over to next week.
  • (Feb 2, 2020) We drew the registered number 1274 tonight, but once again we have a Roll-Over week as the number was not played.
  • (Jan 27, 2020) We drew the registered number 1635 tonight, but this number was not played. $73 will be added to last week’s pot and rolled over to next week for and estimated SackVegas Jackpot of ~$200.
  • (Jan 20, 2020)  Tom’s Restaurant was closed yesterday due to the weather and we were unable to get in to pick up the Toonie envelopes from that location. Our pot this week is a bit smaller than last week’s: $60.00. But, it is going to grow as the drawn number 1620 was not played this week, so we are rolling over the pot into next week’s amount.
  • (Jan 12, 2020) Congratulations to Robert Behie, his registered number 1481 was drawn tonight and he wins our Big Jackpot worth $607!
  • (Jan 5, 2020) Our 9th and final roll-over this week, Jan 5th, registered number 1135 was drawn but not played. There will be a Guaranteed Winner next week with an estimated Jackpot of $600. Get your Toonie in this week for your chance to win the Jackpot!
  • (Dec 29, 2019) No winner tonight, Dec 29th, registered number 1014 was drawn but not played this week. Estimated jackpot next week is $500.
  • (Dec 22, 2019) Another week without a winner. Registered number 1244 was not played this week. We have to roll-over the Jackpot again. $388 will be added to next week’s Jackpot.
  • (Dec 15, 2019) We had out SackVegas weekly draw tonight for a Jackpot of $315, but again this week there is NO winner. The owner of tonight’s drawn registered number, 1114, did not play their Toonie/$2 this week. The pot is growing again! Estimated to be about $400 next Sunday! This has been the 6th Roll-Over in a row. There can be only 10 roll-over weeks before we have to have a winner (draw numbers that 10th week until we have a winner). Don’t miss out of some extra Christmas cash. Play your Toonie this week for your chance to win.
  • (Dec 8, 2019) No Winner again this week for our $252 Jackpot! We have another roll-over. Jackpot is still growing. You have to play to win. Only $2 to play. Win our estimated $300 Jackpot next week, just in time for Christmas!
  • (Dec 1, 2019) We drew the registered number #1228, but that number was not played by its owner this week. Our pot of $190 will be rolled over to next week. Estimated to be over $250… just in time for Christmas. Play your Toonie this week!
  • (Nov 24, 2019) SackVegas Community Jackpot draw for November 24th pulled the registered number 1643. However… 1643 was not played. We are adding The $142.00 pot to next week’s Jackpot.Get your Toonie in this week to win the estimated $200 Jackpot next Sunday!
  • (Nov 17, 2019) 1750 was drawn, but wasn’t played this week.
    We have another Roll-over, which means our Jackpot is growing. Estimated to be about $150 for next week’s draw. Don’t miss your chance at your Jackpot win!
  • (Nov 10, 2019) We drew the registered number 1407 tonight, however 1407 was not played this week. We are rolling over this week’s pot of $53 to next week.
  • Congratulations to James Burke this week’s SackVegas Community Jackpot winner. His registered number 1285 was drawn tonight. His jackpot win was $56.
  • We have a Jackpot winner! Theresa Jennings won $366 tonight when her registered number 1477 was drawn. Congratulations Theresa!
  • No winner again for Oct 20th draw. Registered number 1467 was drawn but not played. Our jackpot rolls over again. We want a winner for next week’s estimated $400 Jackpot… Everyone, get your Toonie in this week!
  • Happy Thanksgiving Sackville! We have another Roll-Over for this weekend’s draw as drawn number 1748 was not played this week. Our Jackpot of $236 will be added to next week’s draw.
    Don’t forget to get your Toonie in this week!!!
  • Crazy odds, but registered number 1131 was drawn again for our Oct. 6th draw, and once again, that number was NOT played. The Jackpot of $153 has been rolled over to next week’s Jackpot.
  • Registered number 1131 was drawn for Sept. 29th, but that number was NOT played this week. The Jackpot of $100 has been rolled over to next week’s Jackpot.
  • Congratulations Evelyn MacNamara the Sept 22nd jackpot winner of $183. She is a regular player, with the registered number 1485
  • Sept 15th, another roll-over. Jackpot now over $100
  • Sept 8th we have a roll-over, no winner.
  • Congratulations Jane Naugle the Sept 1st jackpot winner of $176. Her registered number 1019 was drawn tonight.
  • We have another Roll-over from our Sunday (August 25, 2019) draw. We pulled the registered number #1403 from our pot, but that player has NOT played their Toonie! Next week’s Jackpot will start at $147.00 and grow with everyone’s play this week.
  • This past Sunday (Aug 18, 2019) the registered number 1001 was drawn, but like last week, it was not played. The Jackpot for $112 has been rolled over to next weeks Jackpot.
  • Sunday (Aug 11, 2019) the registered number 1022 was drawn, but it was not played, so the Jackpot of $25 rolled over and will be added to next Sunday’s draw. Good luck everyone!
  • Sunday (August 4, 2019) draw for $38 went to registered number 1002. Congratulations to our 1st winner: Cyndi Lushman