Sackvegas Jackpot

Sackawa has kicked off the SackVegas Community Jackpot. This community weekly 50/50 is currently supporting the ongoing construction of our new home (Sackville Training Center, Home of Sackawa Canoe Club). In the future we expect to add other non-profit groups to the list of recipients. Please help us spread the word. Draws occur every Sunday between 5-7pm, with a cutoff for entries being 12noon Sunday.

You will find the SackVegas Slot Machines at these community locations:

Sobeys, First Lake

Pizzatown, Cobequid Road

Tom’s Family Restaurant, Sackville Drive

Congratulations to Robert Behie, his registered number 1481 was drawn tonight and he wins our Big Jackpot worth $607!

Older Posts:

  • (Jan 5, 2019) Our 9th and final roll-over this week, Jan 5th, registered number 1135 was drawn but not played. There will be a Guaranteed Winner next week with an estimated Jackpot of $600. Get your Toonie in this week for your chance to win the Jackpot!
  • (Dec 29, 2019) No winner tonight, Dec 29th, registered number 1014 was drawn but not played this week. Estimated jackpot next week is $500.
  • (Dec 22, 2019) Another week without a winner. Registered number 1244 was not played this week. We have to roll-over the Jackpot again. $388 will be added to next week’s Jackpot.
  • (Dec 15, 2019) We had out SackVegas weekly draw tonight for a Jackpot of $315, but again this week there is NO winner. The owner of tonight’s drawn registered number, 1114, did not play their Toonie/$2 this week. The pot is growing again! Estimated to be about $400 next Sunday! This has been the 6th Roll-Over in a row. There can be only 10 roll-over weeks before we have to have a winner (draw numbers that 10th week until we have a winner). Don’t miss out of some extra Christmas cash. Play your Toonie this week for your chance to win.
  • (Dec 8, 2019) No Winner again this week for our $252 Jackpot! We have another roll-over. Jackpot is still growing. You have to play to win. Only $2 to play. Win our estimated $300 Jackpot next week, just in time for Christmas!
  • (Dec 1, 2019) We drew the registered number #1228, but that number was not played by its owner this week. Our pot of $190 will be rolled over to next week. Estimated to be over $250… just in time for Christmas. Play your Toonie this week!
  • (Nov 24, 2019) SackVegas Community Jackpot draw for November 24th pulled the registered number 1643. However… 1643 was not played. We are adding The $142.00 pot to next week’s Jackpot.Get your Toonie in this week to win the estimated $200 Jackpot next Sunday!
  • (Nov 17, 2019) 1750 was drawn, but wasn’t played this week.
    We have another Roll-over, which means our Jackpot is growing. Estimated to be about $150 for next week’s draw. Don’t miss your chance at your Jackpot win!
  • (Nov 10, 2019) We drew the registered number 1407 tonight, however 1407 was not played this week. We are rolling over this week’s pot of $53 to next week.
  • Congratulations to James Burke this week’s SackVegas Community Jackpot winner. His registered number 1285 was drawn tonight. His jackpot win was $56.
  • We have a Jackpot winner! Theresa Jennings won $366 tonight when her registered number 1477 was drawn. Congratulations Theresa!
  • No winner again for Oct 20th draw. Registered number 1467 was drawn but not played. Our jackpot rolls over again. We want a winner for next week’s estimated $400 Jackpot… Everyone, get your Toonie in this week!
  • Happy Thanksgiving Sackville! We have another Roll-Over for this weekend’s draw as drawn number 1748 was not played this week. Our Jackpot of $236 will be added to next week’s draw.
    Don’t forget to get your Toonie in this week!!!
  • Crazy odds, but registered number 1131 was drawn again for our Oct. 6th draw, and once again, that number was NOT played. The Jackpot of $153 has been rolled over to next week’s Jackpot.
  • Registered number 1131 was drawn for Sept. 29th, but that number was NOT played this week. The Jackpot of $100 has been rolled over to next week’s Jackpot.
  • Congratulations Evelyn MacNamara the Sept 22nd jackpot winner of $183. She is a regular player, with the registered number 1485
  • Sept 15th, another roll-over. Jackpot now over $100
  • Sept 8th we have a roll-over, no winner.
  • Congratulations Jane Naugle the Sept 1st jackpot winner of $176. Her registered number 1019 was drawn tonight.
  • We have another Roll-over from our Sunday (August 25, 2019) draw. We pulled the registered number #1403 from our pot, but that player has NOT played their Toonie! Next week’s Jackpot will start at $147.00 and grow with everyone’s play this week.
  • This past Sunday (Aug 18, 2019) the registered number 1001 was drawn, but like last week, it was not played. The Jackpot for $112 has been rolled over to next weeks Jackpot.
  • Sunday (Aug 11, 2019) the registered number 1022 was drawn, but it was not played, so the Jackpot of $25 rolled over and will be added to next Sunday’s draw. Good luck everyone!
  • Sunday (August 4, 2019) draw for $38 went to registered number 1002. Congratulations to our 1st winner: Cyndi Lushman