Off Season Training

Atom (U11)
Peewee (U13)
Bantam (U15)
Midget (U17)


  • NSF cheques will be subject to a $40.00 reinstatement fee.
  • Paddlers under the age of 12 years are not to be left unsupervised before and after the program hours.
  • Fees are non-refundable except for medical reasons (with medical certificate).
  • Updates on club information and upcoming events are emailed to the address indicated on registration form. Please check email regularly.
  • Registration shall not be considered complete until all fees have been paid in full and are due by the beginning of each program.

***Before you can proceed to our Registration page you MUST read and accept our Policies and Procedures by checking the check box at the end of this page.


Rain Days

When deemed unsafe by our Head Coach due to white caps, thunder or severe rain, the children will not be going on the water. If you do not have alternate arrangements for your children on these days, they are welcome at the club, however, we have limited space and therefore limited activities.

General Rules

The following is a list of the most important rules of the club that must be strictly adhered to at all times. We appreciate you taking the time to go over this list with your child/children to ensure a safe environment for all involved in our program.

1.  Novice and Atom age paddlers shall wear a Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Coast Guard or Transport Canada Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or similarly approved life jacket while engaged in on-water training activities.

2. Peewee and Bantam paddlers at all times paddling will wear life belts as a minimum for a flotation device.

3. The designated swimming area is off limits to the boats.

4.  The boat docks are not a swimming area and proper care is to be taken by people using these docks. Rough play will not be tolerated on the docks, boats or anywhere on the grounds.

5.  Sackawa’s kayaks and canoes are continually being repaired and all paddling staff will review with their paddlers the proper handling and care of the boats. Abuse of boats will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely and promptly by the suspension of the person(s) from the paddling program for a period of time and or other actions as determined by staff and Board.

6.  Sackawa provides a bully-free environment. Any incident will be handled as per the Disciplinary Rules.

7.  All members are expected to have proper footwear for all club activities. Shoes must be worn all the time, unless in boats. Water shoes are recommended for paddling and swimming. Running shoes are required for other recreation and training activities.

8.  Club staff is responsible for the safe operation of programs, facilities, and management of the club; Please be respectful of all instructors and do not interfere with their duties.

19.  Please put all litter in the garbage cans and make sure no gum or food ends up in the water.

10.  Parents must provide their children with UV protective clothing and/or sunscreen for them to use throughout the day.

11.  Only persons operating the canteen are allowed in that area.

12. Crew selection is the responsibility of the coaching staff.

13.  Negative comments and offensive language are not permitted.

14.  Respect all other athletes and Coaches.

15.  No horseplay or running on or near the docks.

16.  No paddling in the swimming area and no swimming in the paddling area.

17.  Keep emergency access road clear of vehicles or obstructions. (This is the chained area to the left of the club looking towards the lake.)

18.  If you need to use someone’s wharf to get back in your boat if you have tipped, we ask that you respect their property. Do not use their water slides, etc.

19.  Staff and Board Members are not responsible for personal items lost or stolen from club premises or during offsite activities. Please label your child’s singlet (these should not be worn to the club, they are for regattas only) life belt or jacket, bun and any personal belongings.

Swimming Rules

1.  Swim only in designated area and when a lifeguard is on duty.

2.  No diving off the boat docks.

3.  Limit number of people on swimming raft at one time.

4.  No swimming under the docks or the swimming raft.

5.  Absolutely no pushing/ play – fighting.

6. No food on or near the docks.

Zero Tolerance

Sackawa enforces a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs, vandalism, and smoking.

1.  Alcohol and Drugs: Zero tolerance. Any paddler found in possession or in action with these products will be immediately dismissed from the club and the program.

2.  Vandalism: Any paddler found vandalizing the property of Sackawa Canoe Club will also be dismissed from the program and will pay for any damages. Depending on the circumstances, action will be evaluated, and paddler may only be dismissed for the day and pay for any damages.

3.  Smoking: There is no smoking on the Sackawa Canoe Club premises, including inside vehicles during program times. Paddlers found smoking will be dismissed for the day and “Disciplinary Policy” listed below. Parents will be called and paddler will be dismissed for the day and potentially from the program.

Paddler Disciplinary Policy

SACKAWA ENFORCES A HANDS-FREE POLICY. If a paddler violates a policy or behaves in a manner that is considered inappropriate, the following procedures will be pursued:

1st offense – Verbal warning and Parent(s) Informed

2nd offense –Parent(s) informed and possibility of suspension

3rd offense – Suspension or Termination

** Sackawa reserves the right to immediately terminate an athlete should the situation be deemed serious by the board of directors **