Summer Checklist

Items to bring:

Sunscreen – It is important to apply the Sunscreen on your child in the morning before you leave the house and regularly throughout the day.  The children will be reminded by the coaches throughout the day to re-apply the sunscreen.  

PFD or Lifebelt – If your child is registered as a Novice or Atom they are required to bring a PFD (Life Jacket) with them.  Peewee and up require a lifebelt (available for purchase at the club for $45.00).  

Water – Your children are going to be very active and will require lots of water especially on hot days.  Please ensure your child has a re-useable water bottle as it can be refilled at the club.  Also bottled water will be available at the canteen should your child forget their water bottle.  

Lunch and Snacks – Your child will be very active during the day so please make sure they come with plenty to eat. 

Running Shoes – With the amount of activities that they will be doing it is important that your child comes with proper foot wear (Flip Flops just do not cut it).  

Swimwear – They will need swimwear for when they are in the water and a change of clothes for when they are doing dry land activities. Please ensure ALL items that your child brings are labeled as many of the children have similar clothing.  Ensure Life Jackets and Lifebelts are labeled as well.  

Towel – Last but not least.