PaddleALL Program

PaddleALL is a program which operates outside of the normal Sackawa day program, three days a week and provides an opportunity for those with physical or mental challenges, the chance to learn and love the sport of paddling.

The program is unique from other sporting programs because it gives the individual an activity that is new, physically active and allows a greater degree of freedom and self-confidence than they may experience in day-to-day life. As they learn how to balance, become capable of paddling in their own kayak, in charge of their own speed, and direction they learn more than just paddling basics, they gain self-confidence and pride.

It is clear that those who have participated in recent years have enjoyed, and benefited immensely with comments such as “this is the best day of my life”, while paddlers are on the water, training and enjoying the scenery.  All coaches, volunteers, parents, care-workers and members of the community have given extremely positive feedback from the program, and have expressed their gratitude that such a program exists. One parent noted how it has opened the door to an entire new community for her son, a new level of independence and a real sense of achievement – a skill where he excels beyond those of his family and friends.

 Anyone who is interested in Sack-a-wa’s PaddleAll program will meet with the PaddleAll Head coach for an evaluation to ensure the individual will have a successful experience paddling in the program.  Any questions regarding this program, please contact the registrar at

The program runs three times a week from 6pm to 8 pm, July through August.

Sorry, our PaddleALL program is now closed for Summer 2020. Please come visit or inquire next summer 2021.