Sackawa Masters Program

The best new way to spend your evenings among friends, current and new, is at SACKAWA CANOE CLUB!

Sackawa Canoe Club Summer Masters program is aimed for adults ages 25 and up who enjoy learning new skills while being surrounded by friends in a fun, safe and welcoming social environment.

Practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the club starting at 6:00 pm and ending at 8:00 pm. Each practice will include 10-15 minutes of group warm ups, cool downs and stretching, before and after paddling. The main focus will be on War Canoe, but Masters will also have the chance to paddle in other boats as well.

We have the following boats available to all club members:

K1 –     A kayak that seats 1 paddler at a time.
K2 –     A kayak that seats 2 paddlers at a time.
K4 –     A kayak that seats 4 paddlers at a time
C1 –     A canoe that holds 1 paddlers at a time
C2 –     A canoe that holds 2 paddlers at a time
C4 –     A canoe that holds 4 paddlers at a time
C15 –  “War Canoe” A boat that holds 14 paddlers (7 on each side) plus 1 coxswain to steer the boat.

Summer Program Starts  July 2nd and runs until August, but experienced Masters can train with the year-round paddlers anytime of the year.

Cost:  $200

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